10 Ways to Make a Temperature Quilt

Have you ever wanted to make a temperature quilt?  Are you familiar with what one is?  Temperature quilts are kind of like a daily diary of the temperatures that occurred throughout the year in a particular place.  Of course this diary is written with fabric and color, not words. They are lots of fun to make, but they do take some planning and dedication.

The best thing about a temperature quilt is that each one is unique.  As you will see, quilters use all kinds of designs for their layouts.  Here are 10 ideas to get you started on yours.

  1. How and Why to Make a Temperature Quilt by Darcy Quilts
  2. How to Make a Temperature Quilt by Elm Street Quilts
  3. Average Daily Temperature Quilt by The Kim Six Fix
  4. Temperature Quilt 2020 by Canuck Quilter Designs
  5. Temperature Quilt 2020 by The Twiddletails Blog
  6. Temperature Quilt Finish by Flourishing Palms
  7. 2018 Temperature Quilt by A Quilting Sheep
  8. Orange Peel Temperature Quilt by Samelia’s Mum
  9. Temperature Quilt Top by Occasional Piece Quilt
  10. Tale of Two Cities Temperature Quilt by Live a Colorful Life

Make sure to check them all out because each design is completely unique and you will get plenty of inspiration.

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