12 Nordic Star Quilt Patterns

The Nordic Star quilt is one of those patterns where it’s not just the pattern that makes the quilt stand out, but the color scheme as well.
The quilts consist of alternating Red and white strips, which gives them a subtle contrast and creates a clean look. It’s one of those patterns that looks equally good in both modern and classic settings, making it an excellent choice for your home decor.

The Nordic star is a simple and easy-to-understand quilt pattern. It’s based on the principle of “adding one part equals two parts.” In other words, the simpler the design, the more abstract it will be.

We often get asked for tutorials on Scandinavian stars, did you know that The terms Scandinavia and Scandinavian are often used as synonyms for Norden and Nordic in English?

Here are 12 Nordic or Scandinavian stars quilt patterns.

The size of these blocks means that even absolute beginners can make this pattern without any problems.

Video Tutorials for making a Nordic Star Quilt

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