35+ Heart Shaped Quilt Patterns

Welcome to a celebration of love stitched in every seam! Hearts, a timeless symbol of affection, take center stage in our roundup of 35 heart-shaped quilt patterns and tutorials. As we dive into the world of quilting, we discover that hearts, much like love, know no bounds in color and style.

Hearts can be crafted in a myriad of hues, from classic reds to soft pastels, making them a versatile and expressive choice for quilting. The simplicity of the heart shape allows for endless creativity, offering a canvas for personal expression in every quilt block.

In this collection, we explore how heart-shaped quilt patterns go beyond Valentine’s Day, transcending into meaningful projects such as wedding quilts or thoughtful expressions of love. The adaptability of the heart motif lends itself to various quilting styles, from traditional to modern, ensuring there’s a heart-shaped pattern for every quilting enthusiast.

Whether you’re crafting a quilt to commemorate a wedding, evoke the warmth of Valentine’s Day, or simply express love to someone special, these heart-shaped patterns and tutorials are a testament to the enduring power of handmade creations to convey love and warmth.

Heart Quilt Block

Love Struck Hearts

Heart Quilt Pattern 

Zig Zag Heart Quilt Pattern

Sentimental Garden Hearts Quilt

Free Stitches from the Heart Quilt Pattern

Paper Hearts Free Quilt Pattern

Patchwork Hearts Quilt

Love Birds Quilt Pattern 

Boho Heart Quilt Pattern

Color My Heart Mini Quilt

Full Heart Quilt Free Pattern

Open Heart Quilt Pattern

Pixel Heart Quilts — Patterns by Elizabeth Hartman

Free Scrappy Heart Quilt Block Pattern and Tutorial

How to Make a Vintage Hearts Quilt – Free Quilting Tutorial

Heart on a String Quilt

Heart Pillow

Quilting heart points involves working with real triangles. Unlike square-based designs, the challenge lies in handling these triangular shapes. Take your time to piece them accurately, appreciating the uniqueness they bring.

Heart Strings Quilt Pattern

Heart of Hearts Quilt Pattern

Mini Striped Heart Quilt Pattern

For intricate designs, such as hearts, travel stitching becomes an essential technique. It involves moving from one area to another without breaking the thread. This method ensures a seamless transition between quilted sections.

Travel stitching refers to the technique of moving the needle and thread from one point to another without creating visible stitches on the fabric surface. It is commonly used in quilting to efficiently navigate between different sections of a quilt without the need to cut and tie off the thread.

How Travel Stitching Works:
Needle Positioning: Before initiating a travel stitch, ensure the needle is positioned at the starting point where you want to continue stitching.

Lifting the Presser Foot: Raise the presser foot of the sewing machine to disengage it from the fabric.

Needle Movement: Manually move the needle to the desired endpoint without stitching on the fabric. This is typically done by turning the handwheel on the side of the machine.

Lowering the Presser Foot: Once the needle is at the new location, lower the presser foot back onto the fabric.

Resuming Stitching: Continue sewing from the new point as if there were no interruption, ensuring a smooth and cohesive stitch pattern.

Scrap patch heart Quilt

Scrappy Improv Heart Blocks | loaves and stitches

Tiny Hearts Mini Quilt

To You, with Love: Free Quilt Pattern – Stash Bandit

Have a Heart Stripey Heart Quilt 

Be still my Ombre Heart

Expolding Hearts

Heart Lollipops Quilt

Quilty Hearts 

Simple Hearts Quilt + Free Pattern –

Neverlandstitches by Lisa Jo: A Scrappy Log Cabin Heart Block

A Bright Corner: Build A Heart Quilt Block Tutorial

Free Heart Pattern – Beginner Friendly Foundation Paper Piecing

How to Make a Cupid’s Arrow Heart Quilt Block

Scrappy Hearts

Here is my heart scrap friendly Quilt

Heartfelt Quilt and Free PDF Pattern!!

Create a Heart felt quilt for someone you love? Check out these Gift tag ideas for your heart quilt.

“Crafted with love, warmth, and a sprinkle of enchantment, this quilt embodies the essence of my heart’s affection.
“Within each stitch, I intertwined my love for you. May this quilt envelop you in coziness and adoration.
“Woven with threads of love, this quilt binds us in a cocoon of warmth. Wishing you a Valentine’s Day filled with love and comfort!”
“Much like love, this quilt is timeless and enduring.
“As you cuddle in this quilt, let the warmth of my love embrace you.

Amore- Free Valentine’s Day Pattern

Fabric garland for Valentine Day

Tutorial: Valentine’s day table runne

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