String art has been around since the late 19oo’s.

It was used back in those old days as a medium to make mathematical equations 

More learnable mainly for school kids.

In the swinging sixties, this became known as an art form, and became available

In kits, very similar to these kits here. 


You will need:      


1, Thick string or embroidery thread, these can both be used, depending on the look you want.

(Remember these pieces of string art are likely to hang with pride for a few years,

So a string will be ultimately more long lasting.)


This is a great craft to enable you to use up that excess wool,also threads, that you have in colours you will not use,  or string that you have had lying around 

for ages!


2, Wood pieces or MDF boards. ( As thick or as thin as you like.)


3, Nails. 


4, A picture that can be photocopied. 

This is a picture of something quite simple, like a cup, cat,or a ship.


5, Hammer.


6, Sellotape.


Firstly, sellotape the photocopied picture / sketch  to the piece of wood, or MDF.

Secondly, nail the nails around the outline of the sketch…When you have all the nails

Nailed down, you can tear off the photocopy, just leaving the nails in the wood.


Congratulations you now have your pattern!


Next, tie your string / yarn to one of the nails, then loop the string / yarn around every single nail in the picture to form a continuous pattern. 


You could then try adding some other colours, and types of yarn / wool / string for 

Different effects.

More intricate drawings can be used on your next project.

It is great to experiment with names, as they look great with string art !!