A Comprehensive Step-by-step Guide on How to Remove Hemming Tape


You don’t have to exert your fingers into scraping endeavor to remove the hemming tape residue as your nail polish remover will do the needful in no time :).

You don’t really have to hustle to your seamstress, all twitchy and worried about your skirt’s dilapidated hem, when you can mend it yourself. Hemming tape is a convenient and simple option to bushel your hem; it comes with adhesive that will bind one side of your fabric to the other. All you need to do is squeeze in the hemming tape between your broken hem and steam iron it for the glue to get activated. Once that happens, your hemming crisis will be gone and you will be rewarded with a fine and finished look.

Till now, things are all hakuna matata, but things can go pear-shaped when you have a change of mind and decide to replace hemming tape with permanent seam. But don’t worry, as there’s always a ridiculously easy but patience-testing solution waiting around the corner. Know how to remove hem from your fabric in the following.

Step #1
Take a scrape piece of cloth and place it over the hem-taped area of your fabric. This is because your fabric, after it is subjected to heat, is most likely to be foisted on with the melted hemming tape, and we know you surely don’t want that.Step #2
Warm your steam iron to a level that you think is bearable for your fabric.

Step #3
Now, heat up your hem-taped area with the iron by moving it gently and swiftly.

Step #4
This will leave your hemming tape vulnerable, and this is where you do timely exploitation by pulling the hemming tape from your fabric. But make sure you do it fast or else your hemming tape will adhere back to the fabric.

Step #5
The hemming tape will not be completely removed in one go, so you will have to repeat the above two steps.

Step #6
When you decided to bond your split hem with the hemming tape, you probably must have not given thought to how obstinately reluctant it could get if you ever wanted to remove it. But, now that you are trying it, we are sure, you have realized this. Anyway, to remove those unwilling and clingy pieces of the hemming tape, cover them with a terry cloth towel.

Step #7
Once again, use steam iron to heat up the area with shreds of hemming tape.

Step #8
By virtue of its texture, the terry cloth towel will attract those remaining disinclined pieces of the humming tape as you pull the towel out.

And there you are! This will make the sweat on your brows evaporate. But, we aren’t completely done yet; there is one more problem to be taken care of that goes by the name of residue. Again, fret not―those of you who have followed the above strenuous steps, this will seem like a picnic. Just dab a cotton ball with acetone and rub it on the residue, and you will be happy to see the residue yielding! And perchance, if it doesn’t come off, you can always rely on laundry stain sprays!

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