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Inflatable fishing boats are lightweight that include pressurized gas filled flexible tubes on the sides and the bow of the boat. These boats which are used for fishing purposes are usually smaller in size and have a flexible hull and floor. They have a property of being disassembled so that they can be stored in smaller areas and carried in a luggage bag. The reason they are designed in this particular manner is because people carry them on fishing trips and are easier options than the hardwood canoes! There are various types of inflatable fishing boats that include a number of features, and are made from durable waterproof materials available in the market. But which one’s the best? Well, to save you from this extensive research, we have put together some of the best inflatable fishing boats in the paragraphs below. Take a look and pick the one that suits your demands.

Inflatable Fishing Boat Reviews

When you are on a fishing trip with your friends and family or if you are camping and want to go fishing, well you are going to need portable and convenient options. Inflatable boats have always been a savior at such times, as they can be disassembled and carried around. You can inflate them whenever required, use and then disassemble them again. These inflatable boats have ample space for storage and accommodate desired number of people.

Bestway Inflatable Voyager 500 Fishing Boat
This product is manufactured by Bestway and is sold at a price of $145.99. It is an inflatable boat designed especially for fishing and has a number of features. These features are, heavy duty handles and strong oar locks, along with an all around grab rope which is attached to built-in grommets. It has a weight capacity of 495 lb and is made of 22 gauge PVC. An excellent choice for a small family.

Sevylor Inflatable Caravelle 5 Person Boat
The Caravelle manufactured by Sevylor costs about $79.98 and is a very convenient price for a fishing boat that accommodates 5 people. It is made of heavy gauge virgin PVC and comes with a 12 V electric motor. The maximum weight capacity of the fishing boat is 900 pounds and could be used for more than 20 years. Other features are a DIN safety chamber, and tunnel chambers on the bottom.

Sea Eagle SE9 11-Foot Motormount Inflatable Boat
If you are looking for a more professional fishing boat, that is sturdier and with more features, the Sea Eagle’s SE9 is a great option. It is sold at a price of $349.99, which is slightly more expensive because of the additional features. It is the biggest portable motormount boat created by this manufacturer, and is lightweight and versatile. It is a carrier of 5 persons and has a weight capacity of 1200 pounds, along with luggage. It is made of polykrylar on the exterior and includes welded seams, also high and rowing seats with a pair of one sided oars each. Surely made for a fishing adventure!

Intex 4 Person Mariner Inflatable Boat Set
This Intex 4 Person Mariner costs about $184.99. There are various features included in this product, such as oars, a pump, cushions, battery and gear pouch, oar locks, etc., which is why the boat costs the amount. The weight capacity of this fishing boat is up to 880 lb including the 4 people. It also has 4 air chambers to fill and deflate the boat quickly. It is usually used by the US Coast Guards, but you can use it as a fishing boat as well.

Sevylor 1 Person Inflatable Pool Boat
If you are looking for a small fishing boat, this 1 person pool boat by Sevylor is a convenient choice. The cheapest in these boats, this single seater costs about $20.74. Even though it is called a pool boat, it could be used in quiet waters for fishing. The weight capacity is 150 pounds which is more than enough for a single person with luggage. The features of this product are, 3 air chambers for quick filling and deflation, molded oarlocks, and an all around grab rope. It is made of PVC and is extremely durable, as it could be used for more than 10 years at a stretch.

With these options for the inflatable fishing boats, you can choose the ones that suit your demands. So, take a pick!

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