Book Review – String Quilts: 10 Fun Patterns For Innovating And Renovating

Elsie M. Campbell’s “String Quilts” is a delightful journey into the world of quilting, blending innovation, thrift, and pure enjoyment. Published on August 1, 2009, this illustrated paperback offers ten patterns suitable for all skill levels, providing a refreshing break from the conventional precision piecing. With a 4.1 out of 5 stars rating from 46 reviews on Amazon, this book promises a creative and playful approach to quilt-making.

Are you a quilting enthusiast eager to explore a unique and joyful quilting experience? Dive into “String Quilts” by Elsie M. Campbell. Unleash your creativity, transform fabric strips into stunning quilt pieces, and embark on a quilting adventure that’s both innovative and fun. Order your copy now and let Elsie guide you through the art of string quilting.

“String Quilts” is a breath of fresh air in the quilting world. Elsie M. Campbell, an award-winning quilt maker, invites readers to indulge in the art of string quilting—a playtime for the soul. The book’s charm lies in its innovative approach, where homemade fabric yardage becomes the canvas for ten captivating quilt patterns.

Elsie’s writing style is as inviting as her quilts, making the process accessible for all skill levels. The book not only provides easy-to-follow instructions but also shares Elsie’s top tips for successful string quilts. The inclusion of a full-color gallery showcasing 12 additional quilts adds to the visual delight, highlighting the versatility of string quilting.

As a quilting enthusiast, I found “String Quilts” to be a treasure trove of inspiration. The patterns are diverse, ranging from simple designs for beginners to more intricate ones for seasoned quilters. The book successfully marries innovation and thrift, encouraging readers to explore their creative side while making the most of fabric leftovers.

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