Cleaning Your Aviary


An aviary is a large enclosure also known as a flight cage and is used to mimic a bird’s natural habitat. Keeping a clean aviary is highly important in order to breed and keep healthy birds and prevent disease from spreading amongst them.

Knowing how to effectively clean and maintain a healthy living space for birds is extremely useful and can reduce the overall workload from mounting up and becoming much more of a tiring chore. You can practice cleaning methods on a regular basis and this will not only make the overall process easier to keep on top of but also allow the birds to adapt to the cleaning routine.

A few tips that are worth noting are how you plan to go about the various cleaning tasks. By dividing the aviary into sections and various different cleaning tasks you can go through the checklist a lot easier not to mention quicker. The main tasks may include, cleaning the floor, changing the floor covering, changing drinking water, replenishing food containers and disinfecting certain areas.

Some cleaning jobs need to be daily while others can be left for weekly maintenance. It is useful to outline which jobs are which in order to run a smoother cleaning operation. Check too that all cleaning products you use are not harmful to the birds themselves, particularly disinfectants. It is important to remove the birds before using any strong and potentially harmful products, especially if they release harmful fumes.

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