Crazy Lips and Moustache Face Mask Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

In times of trouble you can either cry or laugh, and in the past few months, I have done quite a bit of both. Sometimes you just HAVE to find a reason to smile, a reason to hear the sounds of laughter in your house again. This sewing pattern is as funny as it is adorable. You can purchase this funny face mask pattern via Etsy.

The main aim of a fabric mask is to prevent YOUR bodily fluids from being expelled or you being splashed on by someone else’s bodily fluids. It is my (non-medical) understanding that air still flows through the masks. The best fabric for surgical face masks is cotton that can be easily washed and NON woven fabric as a filter that can be replaced several times during the day. You can purchase readymade carbon filters too. (for more info about filters read this article here)


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