Crochet is a very effective and underused craft.

The reason I believe a lot of knitters prefer knitting over crochet is I think that they perceive this craft to be much harder than knitting, and also old fashioned.

This perception could not be farther from the truth, as crochet is, in fact, easier than knitting.

Crochet is so much easier than knitting.

Crochet a square, and than sewing other fabrics, such as leather and cotton to make such as a scarf or a bag can be easy and very effective. This is also a good way to use up scraps of old fabric.

Blankets, Dolls, Tea cosies, and cushions are among the most frequently made products to crochet.

Our top tips when using a crochet pattern.

1, The size of crochet hook can be changed from the pattern size, as some larger sizes are easier to handle.

2, You may find that keeping the ball of yarn at your feet is the best way to avoid tangled yarn.

3, Familiarise yourself with all terminologies used in a crochet pattern making;

See some of the following, and their meanings:

  • ch = chain.   Luftmasche (Lm / Lftn)
  • sp = space
  • sk st = skip stitch.
  • sc = single crochet     Feste Masche (fM)
  • dc = double crochet.
  • ch-sp = chain space (can also be written as ch-1 sp, ch-2 sp, etc.)
  • hdc = half double crochet.   Halbes Stabchen (h.Stb)
  • sl st = slip stitch.      Kettmasche (Kettm)

4,Check out local libraries and craft stores for meetings of crochet groups and tutorials in the area.

(They can help with new and existing projects.)

5, Consider using a crochet hook which counts your stitches.

6, Get experimenting with different wool colours and sizes. Also try experimenting by adding sequins and beads

between those stitches. There is no better way to elaborate on your skill set than with a little elaboration.

Remember, you can add and embellish to any pattern, as in all things craft, variety really is the spice of life!

7, Use a handy gauge swatch. What is a gauge swatch?

It is a 4″ or 5″ small crochet piece which the experts use to measure, and do all the calculating of size for the crocheted project. It allows you to judge whether your matching the pattern, but remember you can come off pattern to have a slightly different outcome.

8, Invest in some small sharp scissors.

9, Keep all your crochet equipment in a handy fabric organiser.

10, The best yarns for the  crochet beginners are Acrylic, Cotton, or wool. (These yarns are easy to undo if you make a mistake.)

Then of course the world is your oyster when it comes to what to crochet with. Try using fabric strips, electric cables,

plastic carrier bags,

and dustbin liners, VHS tapes, wire, even newspaper can be crocheted. (Please cover the newspaper with a pva glue after the project is finished to stop it from tearing.



         Here are some of our crochet product favourites!!