Eight Ways to Quilt on a Budget

Looking to save a little money?  Just starting out on your quilting journey?  These eight tips from The Little Mushroom Cap can help you out.

Not only does the blog post cover the eight tips, it has numerous examples from other bloggers on how those tips have been incorporated.  I am a scrappy quilt lover who likes to save money, so this article is right up my alley.

Articles with tips like these are always helpful, both for beginners and for seasoned quilters.  Sometimes we forget, or just don’t think, about certain options for us.  We tend to go straight to the most pricey fabrics and other items.  Well this guide helps you out and opens your eyes to other methods that work well too.

Click here to get this list: 8 Tips for Quilting on a Budget

[photo from The Little Mushroom Cap]

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