frankie exclusive diy: fold-over clutch bag

This easy fold-over clutch bag does bold simplicity to perfection. I’ve added just a touch of Stevie Nicks-esque witchy magic with a gorgeous moon-phase print, but you could take this in any direction with your fabric choices – from floral to neon to sparkles.

fold over clutch final


1/4m patterned cotton fabric
1/2m plain coloured cotton fabric
1/2m wadding
25cm zip in a colour to complement your main fabric
cotton thread to compliment your fabric
tape measure
tailor’s chalk
sewing machine


1. Start by cutting out 2 of each of the following pieces:
– main patterned fabric, 27cm (this is the width if your pattern is directional) x 23cm
– plain coloured fabric, 27cm x 31.5cm
– plain coloured fabric, 27cm x 10.5cm
– wadding, 27cm x 31.5cm

2. Lay out your two patterned pieces, face up. On each patterned piece lay one of the smaller plain pieces (face-down if it has a right side), lining it up with one of the long edges. (If your pattern has a direction, make sure your plain piece lines up with the bottom edge). Pin along that edge and sew, 1cm in. Unfold and press flat with your iron.

3. To add your zip, lay out one of your pieces of wadding, lay one of your remaining plain pieces on top and place your zip along one of the shorter edges (face up). Finally, lay your patterned/plain piece on top, face-down, with the patterned part over the zip. Pin along the edge then (using a zipper foot if your machine has one) sew along this edge about 3mm from the teeth of the zip.

4. Fold both your lining fabrics and outer fabrics away from the teeth of the zip, so they are both right-side out. Press with an iron, (being careful not to get too close to the zip’s teeth). Pin along the edge of your fabric that’s sewn to the zip and sew about 1–2mm from the edge (this keeps the fabric away from the zip’s teeth).

5. As before, lay out your last pieces of wadding and plain fabric and line up the other edge of the zip with one of their shorter edges. Place your other patterned/plain piece on top, face-down, so its patterned shorter edge lines up with the edge of the zip. Pin and sew as before. Fold back the layers, press, pin and sew as before.

6. Unzip your zip (this is crucial for being able to turn your bag right way out later!).

7. Bring your two patterned/plain pieces together so they are right sides together, and bring your lining and wadding pieces together (so the two plain fabric pieces are face to face and the wadding is on the outside). Pin all the way around the edges. Sew all the way around, 1cm in, leaving a 5cm gap on one edge of your lining. Trim the seams to about 5mm.

8. Turn your bag right way out through the gap you left then hand-sew the gap closed and tuck the lining down into the bag. Close the zip and fold your bag over so a few centimetres of the plain fabric show at the bottom.

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