frankie exclusive diy: native flora gift decoration

I love the whole song and dance of gift wrapping. Making a special present look as amazing on the outside as it is on the inside is always worthwhile. And while there’s nothing wrong with a bit of sparkly wrapping paper, these stylized bottlebrush and wattle flowers, paired with some plain wrapping paper, are a unique alternative to make your gifts extra intriguing. And best of all, they’re super-simple to make!

anna alicia paper decoration HERO 620

a sheet of card in, bright red, bright yellow, bright green and pale green
paper or card to print the templates
glue stick

1. Start by printing out the templates onto a sheet of paper or card. Cut these out and then draw around them on the correct coloured card for each template. Cut out your pieces from your coloured card. Take your bottle brush flower pieces and make three snips into each section, as shown in the image.

anna alicia paper decoration 1

2. Stick your shorter bottle brush flower to the bright green stem with your glue stick, then stick the longer one on top, so it overlaps at the top.

anna alicia paper decoration 2

3. Cut out 6 larger yellow circles and 4 smaller ones. Glue your circles to the pointy pale green stem.

anna alicia paper decoration 3

4. Assemble your leaves and flowers in a cute little bunch and glue together! Add to your wrapped gift along with a small gift tag (bought, or cut from white card).

anna alicia paper decoration 4

See more of Alicia’s awesome work over here.

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