Free Pippi Longstocking Quilt Block Pattern

When I was a girl I loved the Pippi Longstocking books by Astrid Lindgren.  They would provide endless hours of amusement for me.  I think it was her independent spirit that drew me to the character.  That is why I was so excited to see this free quilt block pattern from Just Jude Designs.  It is a Pippi Longstocking block.  What fun!

The quilt block measure 12.5″ square and is ideal for scraps.  Pippi is pieced together easily, in a freeform fashion, so chances are that if you make more than one of these blocks, they won’t be identical.  But isn’t that what Pippi is all about, individuality?

With the exception of the inner section of the block that doesn’t require too much measuring, it’s the border that requires a bit more precision.  However, it is an easy block to put together.

Can you imagine making a set of these blocks, turning them into a quilt and gifting them to a little girl, along with some Pippi books?  It would be such a special gift. You could make the blocks in all kinds of colors.  That is to say, you could use different colors except for her hair.  That would have to be red because everyone knows about Pippi’s red pigtails.

You can find this charming free quilt block pattern here: Pippi Longstocking Block

[photo from Just Jude Designs]

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