Grumpy Leprechaun Wall Hanging Pattern Quilt

He’s baaack! Boo is all decked out in green finery for St. Paddy’s Day but none too happy about it. This charming wall hanging quilt pattern is designed by Krista Dyelle of Trouble & Boo Designs. The pattern features Boo, the grumpy leprechaun cat, and is executed in easy raw-edge, fused & stitched applique techniques. Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day, Boo’s discontent adds a touch of whimsy to your festive decor.

Key Features:

  • Design: Grumpy Leprechaun Cat (Boo)
  • Technique: Raw-edge, fused & stitched applique
  • Special Feature: Instructions for mitered corners included


  • Designed by Krista Dyelle of Trouble & Boo Designs
  • Krista Dyelle is a designer associated with Trouble & Boo Designs. She creates unique and charming patterns, particularly for wall hangings, featuring characters like Boo, the grumpy leprechaun cat. Krista’s designs often showcase a blend of creativity and humor, adding a touch of whimsy to quilting projects.

Embrace the holiday spirit with this delightful and expressive quilt pattern that captures Boo’s unique charm.

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