Hazelnut Mini Quilt – Free Pattern

I have to admit that I went nuts over this adorable mini quilt from Pat Sloan.  It is about as cute as it gets when it comes to fall quilting projects.  The pattern is called Hazelnut although, to be honest, I kind of think it looks like an acorn.  Whatever kind of nut it is, it looks like a fun project to try, and there are definitely no worries that a squirrel is going to steal it.

It’s an appliqué pattern done with fusible webbing and machine stitching.  Pat used the cut away method, which she describes in the tutorial.  To decorate her hazelnut, she used lots of buttons.

You will see a couple of different versions of the block in her tutorial.  It never ceases to amaze me how a simple change in fabric choices can make a quilt take on an entirely different look.  For the one in blue it looks like she did the blanket stitch around the nut shape.  Along with the buttons, that decorative stitching adds another level of dimension to this project.

The free downloadable pattern includes the nut shape as well as the letters that spell out FALL.

Get the free tutorial and pattern here: Hazelnut Pattern

[photo from Pat Sloan]

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