Here’s How to Make Amazingly Alluring and Richly Scented Candles


A romantic candlelight dinner would not be complete without lighting a scented candle. How about decorating the interior of the house for a special event with beautiful candles that come with evocative fragrances?

The use of candles is associated with many cultures and religions. Nowadays, richly fragrant candles are a popular choice for their aroma and aesthetic value. They are excellent gifts for any special occasion. The advantage of these highly aromatic candles over the normal scented candles is that they can mask the unpleasant smell both indoors as well as outdoors. Also, the fragrance remains for a longer duration even after the candles are extinguished.

These scented candles come in a wide variety of aromas, which are similar to perfumes. Some of the commonly used fragrances are floral (rose, lavender, jasmine, gardenia), wood (palm, oak, cedar, moss), vanilla, fruit (lemon, cherry, apple, melon), etc. For people who like the smell of freshly brewed coffee, there are candles with coffee aroma too. Also, you can find richly scented candles with popcorn and bubblegum fragrances. One can choose from any of these options to create a perfect blending with the decoration, season, and type of occasion.

How to Make a Richly Perfumed Candle?

As far as versatility is concerned, aromatic candles are sold in different shapes and sizes. Some of the varieties are scented jar candles, scented decorative candles, and scented gel candles. Beautiful designs are also being made on the candles to make them look more stylish. So, you can look for the same while purchasing these candles. And what about making scented candles on your own? Making these candles is not difficult provided that you are patient and careful. The only thing is to combine adequate quantities of wax, dye, and fragrance oils. Let’s see the steps on how to make a candle with a fragrance of your choice.

Things You will Need

  • 500 grams of soy wax (flake form)
  • 30 ml of a richly scented fragrance oil (choose your preferable perfume)
  • One glass (size and shape as per your wish)
  • Wax dye
  • A thick cotton wick

Candle Making Instructions

  • First, put the soy wax in a pan and warm it at medium high heat till the wax melts completely.
  • Now, add the essential oil and wax dye in the pan. Stir the mixture continuously so that the dye and oil are mixed evenly with the soy wax.
  • For fixing the wick in the glass, place the wick in the center and pour a little amount of the liquid wax. Wait till the wax solidifies. To keep the wick in the center, tie the other end of the wick to a pencil and place it over the glass.
  • Now, pour the liquid wax to fill up the glass, about ½ an inch below the rim. Allow the wax to solidify; it may take a longer time depending upon the size of the glass.
  • Finally, trim the wick to about half an inch. You can light the scented candle and enjoy its rich fragrance.

These scented soy candles are biodegradable and healthier than paraffin- or petroleum-based candles. After all, soy wax burns cooler and slower as compared to the paraffin type. Cleaning soy wax is also easier than paraffin wax; one can wash soy wax with soap and water. Overall, soy candles are the best alternatives for those people who are allergic to petroleum-based candles. These richly scented candles are perfect for decorating a Christmas or a New Year party.

Pick up richly odorous candles and decorative candle holders to create a memorable ambiance. Lighting these candles is not only the simplest tip for decoration, but you can also enjoy their rich fragrance. What’s more, scented candles have become an important product for aromatherapy (use of essential oils or aromatic compounds in treatment), which is becoming very popular especially in the western countries. There is a range of aromatherapy candles, prepared with specific type of essential oils to serve the purpose.

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