How to Cut Equilateral Triangles – Three Ways

Learn how to cut equilateral triangles (60 degree triangles) three different ways with this handy tutorial from Alanda Craft.

I’ll be honest here, these are the triangles that always give me the most trouble when I am cutting. With this article I can try all three methods out and decide which one I like best.

Not only are there step by step photos for all 3 types, but there is a video tutorial as well.

You’ll learn how to use your quilting ruler, your cutting mat or a special ruler designed for cutting these triangles out.

I don’t know about you, but in quilting I always find that there are multiple ways of doing something.  It’s also usually the case that one way is not better than the others, just different.  That is why this article is so helpful.  You have plenty of of alternatives if you aren’t comfortable with one method or another.

You can find this tutorial and the video here: 3 Methods for Cutting Triangles for Quilting

[photo from Alanda Craft]

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