How to Hang a Mini Quilt

As a maker of lots of mini quilts, I am always looking for ideas on how to hang them.  This one, from Quilts Actually, is a great one.

I don’t make hanging sleeves for most of my minis.  For me, it just adds extra bulk that I don’t want.  The problem with not adding one is that it is harder to hang.  I don’t necessarily want to put pins through the fabric and into my walls.

This solution is ideal and I think I might have to get some of my favorite minis out and do this.  It is easy and fast to do too.  Now that is my kind of project.

If you want to display all of those beautiful mini quilts you have made over the years, but are not quite sure how, then check out this article: How to Hang a Mini Quilt

[photo from Quilts Actually]

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