How to Make a Quilted Coat

Take a look at social media and you will see that quilted coats are all the rage right now.  Here is a helpful tutorial from Tamara’s Joy to help you make one for yourself.

What I love about this tutorial is that she has links for all sorts of patterns.  That way you have a choice of styles.  What this article does is help you turn those patterns into a quilted coat.  Perfect!

I have seen quilts turned into short jackets and long coats.  I’ve seen blazers and puffy quilted ones too.

Why not turn your favorite fabric(s) into a coat?  It will look great and you will be able to do it with a little help from this tutorial.

Click here to get the free tutorial: How to Make a Quilted Jacket or Quilted Coat

[photo from Tamara’s Joy]

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