How to Pick Fabric for a Quilt

Have you ever wondered how to pick out fabrics for a quilt?  This helpful tutorial from Polka Dot Chair has got you covered.

The article goes into details about a number of questions quilters may have.  They include:

  • Where Should I Get My Fabric?
  • What Colors Should I Use?
  • What Should I Use for the Background?
  • How Much Should I Buy?
  • What is a Fat Quarter Pack?

All of these questions are answered in the article.  You will also find lots of lovely photographs showing off all kinds of fabric and all kinds of combinations.

Picking out fabrics for a new quilt can be daunting for both new and experienced quilters.  This article is a nice resource for all of us.

Before you head out to your local quilt shop or start surfing the internet you may want to check out this tutorial first.

You can find it here: How to Pick Fabric for a Quilt

[photo from Polka Dot Chair]

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