How to Use Focal Fabric That You Don’t Want Anymore

Raise your hand if you have a big stash of focal fabric that you know you will never use.  This video from Create with Claudia gives you 16 ideas for it.

Focal, or focus, fabric is that fabric you buy that often has a large and/or colorful pattern.  It is the piece that quilters refer to when buying fabrics for a quilt.  For example, if you have rainbow fabric as the focus, then the colors of the rest of the quilt would match the colors in the rainbows on the fabric.

I know that I used to buy loads of focal pieces.  I always loved novelty prints.  I’d buy a yard with grand intentions of designing a quilt around it.  Unfortunately, it never happened.

From stuffed animals to donations, this list will help you clean out some of your unwanted fabric.

Click here to watch this video list: 16 Ways to Use Focal Fabric

[photo from Create with Claudia]

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