Inspiring Ideas to Make Decorative Scented Floating Candles


Dinner Candles: These are perhaps the most commonly found candles on dinner tables that are used to create an ambient effect. They are usually fixed on a candle holder, and their shape is cylindrical and tapering towards the top.

Pillar Candles: As the name suggests, these are thick and cylindrically shaped candles, which look like thick pillars. They are used for ambient light, and can be placed anywhere around the house. These are best kept in strong, fireproof dishes, or wide-based candle holders.

Scented Candles: With the popularity of aromatherapy, scented candles are becoming quite popular. With these candles, you get the added benefit of a calming, soothing, or a romantic aroma, along with ambient, soft light. These are normally kept in votive candle holders, and can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Floating Candles: These candles are made in a particular shape, that allows them to float easily on water. They can create a great effect, and can also be scented.

Gel Candles: These are made out of gelled mineral oils or gelled synthetic hydrocarbons. As such, they are transparent and rubbery, and are usually poured into various containers of differing shapes. These gels can be made to retain their shape also.

Flameless Candles: A different variety of candle―this one is made of wax, but does not have to be lit with matches, etc. It usually works on a battery, and emits light which imitates the effect of a lit candle. This can be very useful and effective if you have pets or little children around the house, where a fire hazard is something to watch out for.

Making candles is relatively easy. Wax normally just floats on water. However, you need to ensure an amount of safety, as hot wax can scald or burn your skin. Let us see how to make decorative scented candles, which are also floating candles.

  • First, you will need wax. There are wax blends available in the market, or you can get wax crystals too, or take your plain white candles and use them for the wax.
  • Then, you will need a good mold for the candles. For a good floating candle, the mold should be such that the candle is wider or larger at the top and smaller or narrower at the bottom.
  • Then you will need primed wicks, fragrances, colors, and glitter.
  • Once you have all these ingredients, take the wax and put it into a bowl. Put that bowl in a larger pan which is full of water. Put this on the stove and allow the wax to melt. Upon melting, the wax appears transparent and may even boil. Don’t worry, that’s quite normal.
  • Add the scent and color to this boiling wax, and mix well as it boils. You can even add the glitter to this if you want.
  • Now, carefully lift the bowl with the molten wax and pour it into the molds. Let the molds sit for a few minutes till the upper layer of the wax begins to solidify a bit. Then take the primed wicks and stick them straight into the wax. Let this sit for a few hours, till the candles are ready.
  • Once the candles have been set, pop them out of the mold.
  • Wax naturally floats on water, and the ‘V’-shaped candles will always float on water.
  • You can place them into bowls or glasses or votives filled with water, and light them up to see the effect.

Meditate or enjoy a relaxing evening in the soothing light of a pillar candle. Light up your festival with the magnificence of floating candles.

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