Japanese Beetles


cessary. A random sampling technique can be used to estimate beetle grub populations. A one square foot quadrant can be placed at random locations on the lawn and soil should be dug from these locations using a shovel. Turn the sod over a newspaper and count the number of white grubs visible. If the grub density is over 10 per square foot treatment will be required.

Chemical control methods can be used to manage Japanese beetles however the risks and benefits of the pesticide must be determined prior to using it. Correct timing and application are also essential for successful control. It is important to read and follow the directions and safety precautions when using chemicals. However the use of these chemicals is not encouraged due to the potential environmental threat they pose.

Biological control agents such as parasites, nematodes and fungi can be used to control Japanese beetle populations. Some of these control agents are commercially available and though they take longer to produce the same results as insecticides biological control agents last longer in the environment and have no adverse effect on the environment.

Cultural methods such as habitat manipulation can also be employed to suppress Japanese beetle populations. This includes planting resistant plant species and removing the more susceptible ones. Diseased and malnourished plants are susceptible to attack by beetles. Therefore plants and crops should be kept healthy. Also prematurely ripened fruit should be picked off plants as the odor tends to attract Japanese beetles. Homeowners and cultivators should have a well dispersed variety of plants that favors beetle resistant plant species in order to reduce the level of damage.

It is important to note that these methods do not completely eliminate the Japanese beetle but will keep populations under control and minimize the damage they inflict. People should also be aware of the pest control methods they use and be aware with the costs and risks associated with them. Community efforts such as cooperative pest management programs can go a long way in suppressing Japanese beetle attacks.

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