Knitted Camouflage Illusions by Joseph Ford

Knitted Camouflage Illusions by Joseph Ford

Joseph Ford is a 39-year-old photographer from Brighton. He creates images seamlessly camouflaging people into backgrounds using knitwear made by Nina Dodd. It can take Dodd, 51, up to 40 hours to knit one item of clothing. The models who participated in this project called “Knitted Camouflage,” wear real custom hand-knitted sweaters by Dodd that make them blend into their environment. The series also includes the famous cat on the wall by French street artist Monsieur Chat who becomes “invisible” in front of his artwork. Like it? In this case you should check Amazing Floor With Optical Illusion By Casa Ceramica and 10 Crazy 3D Optical Illusions Which Will Blow Your Mind.

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