How to  make a simple cake stand.

These cake stands are becoming increasingly hard to find now in shops.

The materials I have used.
1, three, four, or five plates of different sizes.
(Dinner and side plates will do.)
2, A rod with a 10mm thread.
(These can be picked up in any hardware store.)
3, Washers, flat screws, and a 10mm ring nuts.
4. Spray paint.
5, A drill with a ceramic drill bit.

The first thing we must do is find the center of each plate and mark the center before attaching the ceramic drill bit to the drill.
Drill a hole in the center of the plates.
A top tip is to spray the area regularly with water to prevent it from shattering.
(Please take care to hold the plates steady)
Spray paint  the washers, screws, ring nut, and rod in a color of your choice,
perhaps gold or silver would be lovely.!

Thread the rod through the holes on the plates. After each plate, put a washer and a screw nut on each one.
Put a washer and a screw nut at the bottom.

This can look very unique, and can also be very useful.

Cake stands are not just wonderful for cakes, they make really cool looking jewellery organisers also.