Making our trousers wider at the waist

Making our trousers wider at the waist.A pair of ladies trousers with an open waistband. Image 2 of 4



We have a pair of trousers that we would like to upsize at the waist area. I’ve been putting on weight recently!

Using different ways to do it, including adding another piece of fabric at the center back seam or on the side seams.

Adding elastic is the best way that works best for a couple of reasons.

First, elastic stretches. This is useful when you are not sure exactly how much to add to the waistband or the size of the waist changes.

Secondly, black elastic looks somewhat like a decorative option and is flexible. This also doesn’t shout out that the trousers have been altered.

Another way to alter the trousers is to add another piece of fabric.

Here’s how to do it yourself. First, we need to detach the waistband from
the side seam so that we can remove the side seam stitches.

Release just enough of the stitches so that you can remove the side seam. You want to keep to only a little. Bit to avoid removing too much, you only have to restore them later.

Then go ahead and remove the top stitching that trousers often have
below the waistband.

If you want to enlarge the trousers only at the waist area, you should remove around a couple of inches.
Should it need widening at the hips, you must put some fabric piece at the hip. This means you will have to remove more stitching.

Then, we need to cut straight through the waistband. We want to cut precisely at the side seam.

Then, we need to open the joining side seam as well. We should go approximately 3/4 of an inch. Then, we do the same to the other side of the waistband.

Please measure to be sure that both sides will be equal in measurement to one another.

Now I have both sides prepared, and it’s time to put the elastic through the waistband.

Measure and cut the piece of the elastic that is at the size of the trousers you want.

I need to measure the middle of each flexible piece.
Then cut two triangle pieces, one for each side of the waist area

Now, we need to attach those two pieces to the trousers. Make sure you are using a needle that is suitable for trouser waistbands, or try your walking foot. Use a straight stitch with a size 14 needle if possible.
For the elastic, please use a particular stretch needle, failing this it is also an excellent tip to place some tissue paper between your needle and the fabric, to prevent the needle sticking when sewing.
Elastic can prove troublesome to sew without a stretch needle.

Use your overlocker machine, or serger, or a zig zag stitch on a sewing machine to make the sewing of your extra fabric more secure. this will ensure there is no fraying. This will also look more jazzy!

Stitch this on your sewing machine. Then, attach the elastic to the back.
Make sure to align the piece to the trousers precisely.

It is always wise to pin everything in place before sewing.

Sometimes, a fancy top stitch works wonders.
This could perhaps be an embroidery stitch on your sewing machine in a contrasting thread.

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