Online Class- Machine Quilting with Heather Thomas

Join Milwaukee artist and quilter Heidi Parkes as she teaches you how to embroider text in your own handwriting, using the back stitch to create heartfelt fabric notes. In just 43 minutes and 59 seconds, Heidi will walk you through the process of designing and stitching your own unique labels, perfect for quilts, clothing, or any embroidered art piece.

Discover Heidi’s easy tracing and transfer technique, as well as her clever trick for appliquéing the label using aluminum foil. With clear instructions and expert guidance, you’ll soon be stitching up sentimental labels that add a special touch to your handmade creations.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some of their delighted students had to say about their experience:

“Wow. Thank you for this course. You explain everything so well and your examples are just wonderful. I can’t wait to try this technique.” – Michelle Smith

“I’ve made quilts for 40 years and haven’t found a label I like well enough to use until this class. Thanks Heidi for sharing your technique. Your instructions are thorough and clear.” – De Ette M Warren

“What I LOVE about this class is that Heidi validates my eclectic way of sewing and quilting. I enjoy the fact that things can be whimsically expressed in your own way. Thank you!!” – Lisa Johnson

So, why wait? Start adding a personal touch to your quilting projects today with Creativebug’s online class on embroidered handwritten labels! Enroll now and create meaningful memories with every stitch!


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