QUILTS: 4 Directions

The Craft in America Center is pleased to present QUILTS: 4 Directionsfeaturing portraits by Michael A. Cummings, landscapes by Judith Content and selected additional quilts by Susan Hudson and Victoria Findlay Wolfe. This striking exhibition features the work of these four diverse and visionary art quilters from across the U.S. QUILTS: 4 Directions brings to Los Angeles some of the vibrant, vital works featured in Craft in America’s PBS episode QUILTS, which aired on December 27, 2019 nationwide.

For the first time in his career, five quilt portraits by NY-based Michael A. Cummings of African American heroes will be gathered together in his hometown of Los Angeles. Cummings creates monumental quilted portraits of larger-than-life historic icons, including Ella Fitzgerald, Martin Luther King Jr., and James Baldwin. Historically, quilting has served as a means of record keeping for African Americans and Cummings advances this tradition. Coinciding with African American History month in February, Cummings’ quilts show a reverence for cultural leaders and celebration of representation.

Judith Content, Chalcedony Series I, 2018

Paired with the portraits in the adjoining gallery are abstracted, quilted landscapes by Judith Content, who uses the sewing machine as a drawing tool to achieve an evanescent visual haiku that communicates to viewers both emotionally and intellectually. Content’s work is particularly relevant during this era of environmental crisis and flux. Each piece is inspired by the interplay of light and shadow that occurs within natural landscapes, exploring the essence of an image, memory, or moment in time. Relying on intuition and experience, she dyes, pieces, quilts, and applies appliqué to achieve a perfect haiku that draws upon the audience’s memories and experiences upon viewing the finished piece.


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