Scrap Fabric Japanese Knot Bag – Free Pattern

Here is a terrific idea that isn’t really quilting, but uses quilting fabric.  It’s a traditional Japanese Knot Bag and this pattern is from Sum of their Stories.

This bag may look difficult to make, but it really isn’t, especially with the detailed instructions and photos in the article.  The bag is not large, but it’s a big enough to put the necessities in.

You will need various sizes of pieces of fabric for the outside of the bag and for the lining.  As you can see, some of these were pieced together from various smaller scraps.  You could do that or, if you preferred, use one piece of fabric for a different look.  If you read my articles, you know that I would go with that scrappier look.

Wouldn’t this be fun to make for someone heading off to college?

Click here to get this free tutorial: Square Knot Japanese Style Knot Bag

[photo from Sum of Their Stories]

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