Sew a Saint Doll Female Saints

Learn to sew with these beginner-friendly dolls! Create a saint plush toy showing your favorite female saint. Each design comes printed on a 100% cotton fat quarter and is ready to sew. These dolls would make adorable Christmas gifts for Religious family and friends.

– Saint Theresa of Calcutta (Mother Theresa) comes holding her wooden rosary, adorned in her memorable sandals and white/blue drape

– Saint Theresa, known as “little flower’’, is surrounded by delicate flowers in complimentary colors

– Our Lady of the Rosary, celebrated every October, holds her own sacred rosary in her hands

– Saint Katharine Drexel holds a rosary of turquoise, reminiscent of the Native Americans she supported throughout her ministry

– Our Lady of Guadalupe shines surrounded by the stars of heaven

– St. Lucy stands in her traditional colors of a white dress and red sash, palm of victory in hand and crown of candles atop her head

– St. Elizabeth Ann Seton is surrounded by books, representing the first all-girls Catholic school she established, as well as holds a rosary and bible, representing the order she started

– St. Kateri Tekakwitha stands holding her wooden cross in traditional Native American dress

– St. Agnes holds her lamb in a soft blue blanket. In her right hand is a palm frond, traditionally seen with martyrs. Her hair, once said to have miraculously grown long when she was stripped to hide her nakedness, appears long and lush on the doll.

– St. Mary, Star of the Sea stands cradling a ship, surrounded by the crashing waves

– St. Joan of Arc stands with shield and sword in hand, ready to fight!

IMPORTANT: the fabric print is clear and crisp; a slight blurring has been added to these photos for copyright purposes.

– fat quarter: 21″ x 18″


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