which-is-best ?!!          Which sewing machines are the best ones for you to purchase.?

This is a question that we get asked quite a lot.

The simple answer is that it depends what you are using the machine for.

I will answer the question by splitting the purchase categories into four sections:

1, Beginner sewers, and kids.

The project runaway, as listed below is my all time favourite for all round sewing, and for those aspiring designers. Remember the awesome programme!

Also the Brother XM2701, as this is very lightweight, and simple to use. Great for beginners, and a great price also.

2, Dressmaking for clothes.

The Brother designio range really ticks the boxes for an all round clothing designer. The DZ2750 comes with 185 built in choice of, stitches, plus a range of monogram stitches. 13 x different feet, and a selection of 8 x one step buttonholes.

The Brother DZ3400 comes with 160 stitches, plus 110 monogram stitches.There is 14 different feet included.

It is worth mentioning also that Telephone support is included with these machines.

The singer 7258 is a 100 x stitch great all round sewing machine.

3, Heavy duty sewing like jeans, fleece jackets.

If you intend to use heavy duty fabrics such as fleece or denim, then the Singer heavy duty, or the Janome industrial will withstand around eight layers of fabric at one time. These machines are not automatic, and do not have as many decorative stitches to choose from, but if your likely to be sewing a lot of fleece scarves, or jeans this is probably a better option for you.

4, Embroidery, quilting, and embellishment.

I use the Brother designio for my quilting.

All machines really cover all aspects and categories, however there are specialist sewing machines that work the best.