Shooting Star Tattoo Designs


Tattoo, the body art, has been popular in all cultures since the ancient times. As a part of a tradition the Japanese Ainu, Maoris, and Indians wore tattoos for identification purposes. Tattoos were also worn to mark the social status, rites of passage, spiritual devotion, mark of outcasts, slaves, convicts, as a promise of love, for symbolic reasons, and as decoration for bravery, and valor. In the olden days, the tribal tattoos were on the face like the famous Maori Moko. The Indian culture, saw tattoos as a mark of caste, segregating them as lower or higher in the hierarchy. It was a trend among the Hindus to get young women tattooed to add to their attractiveness. Today, tattoos are etched for cosmetic reasons. Many lovers too, get tattoos done to show a mark of love and belonging. One of the famous patterns are shooting star tattoo designs. In what follows, we shall discuss this particular tattoo design in a little more detail.

Nautical Star Tattoos
Nautical star tattoos have their origins with the sailors. The sailors used to wear this design as a mark of their profession. North Star in the Northern Hemisphere is the popular nautical star. Sailors got these stars done because, stars used to guide them and take them home. It was a belief among sailors that these tattoos would take them home safely.

The Meaning of this Tattoo
Shooting star designs have always been popular amongst tattoo lover and makers. The first reason is that they are easy to draw and are the smallest designs. A star design hardly involves any intricacies and difficult graphics. Though simple, these tattoos are quite striking. A shooting star tattoo means, a moment, that has inspired you or touched you in some way passed by or a dream to become a star. For some, these stars are also a connotation of romance or just a cosmetic enhancement. The celestial bodies have always fascinated tattoo enthusiasts.

Shooting Star Designs

Single Star
Single stars look neat and impressive. You can make one on your ankle or the shoulder blade. It doesn’t have to be a cluster. Just one star will get the style that you’ve wanted.

Cluster of Stars
A cluster of stars ranging from big to small ones on the shoulder blade will look sexy. Or better still you have on the waist trailing towards belly button. Some of the stars can be black and some just an outline.

Stars and Flames
A star with a trail of flame or a streak of light looks fabulous. You could have the flames in yellow, orange, red with a tinge of green.

Comets and Stars
For this design, you could have a big star and a trail of comets. To add a little drama, you can ask for colorful flames as well.

Star tattoo ideas work well, if they are planned well in advance. To make your shooting star tattoo dazzle, have the final picture in your mind. Make sure that you have the picture with you when you go to the tattoo parlor. This will make it easier for the artist to draw it. Tattoos have to be treated like a wound and it needs utmost care and attention, or else it will turn septic. For better results learn how tattoo care can come in handy.

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