The Ultimate Quilt Finishing Guide – Book Review

There are many things to consider when finishing a quilt.  In fact, many quilters don’t end up finishing a piece for numerous reasons.  They may not be able to decide on a border, or maybe they are not sure what kind of batting to use.  Some people get stumped on the backing, and binding can be tricky, even for the most experienced quilters.  That is where this book The Ultimate Quilt Finishing Guide, by Harriet Hargrave and Carrie Hargrave-Jones, comes in handy.

With 127 pages filled with photos and illustrations, this book covers it all.  The largest section by far is on borders.  Even after quilting more than thirty years, I don’t think I’ve ever seen as many different borders as there are in this book.  There are over 100 of them! Many of the borders highlighted are accompanied by detailed instructions on how to make them. No one will ever be stumped on border choices again.

After borders, the book goes into helpful details about all of the types of batting available, and which types work well with certain projects.  There is even a batting test sheet to help quilters with future batting choices.

Rounding up the book are the sections on quilt backing and binding.  The reader will find tips on how to determine yardage for the backing, a calculation that can sometimes be tricky.

The binding section covers various methods and has helpful and detailed explanations on how to do them.  There is even a section on finishing off quilt corners and edges that are not the square shape typically seen.

The reader will be able to do all sorts of techniques after reading this extremely detailed and well-written book.  The section on borders alone, could be a book all on its own.

Written by quilting superstar Harriet Hargrave and her daughter Carrie Hargrave-Jones, who is carrying on the quilting tradition of her mother, The Ultimate Quilt Finishing Guide will have you finishing all of those UFOs (unfinished objects) in no time.

Published by C & T publishing, the book is in stores in 2021 and can be purchased on Amazon here: The Ultimate Quilt Finishing Guide

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