Tips for Designing Your Own Tattoo


So, you have finally decided to get inked, but are wondering what kind of tattoo to go for? There are many designs available all around you. I will, however, suggest that you design your tattoo yourself to bring uniqueness to it.


  • It is always good to have a design which reflects your personality and who you are. Therefore, you might need some time to decide the design for your tattoo.
  • It is important that you decide what your body art should stand for. Do you want it to commemorate a particular event, some celebration, or a special person? Or are you getting inked just for the fun of it?
  • Now, sit silently and think of what images come to your mind. It may be some flower, leaves, the initials of your beloved, or maybe your own initials. If you want to commemorate the death of a person, a suggestion would be to design a tattoo with the name of the person on the petals of a flower.
  • After your design has been finalized, you can get a temporary tattoo made so that you know that your design is good enough to be made into a permanent motif on your skin.

Design Ideas

  • Feminine Designs:
    Since time immemorial, ‘delicateness’ has been associated with women. Some of the designs for girls are flowers, fairies, butterflies, dolphins, and hearts. Select a beautiful, adorable tattoo which will suit your personality well.
  • Designs For Lower Back:
    Lower back tattoos are very popular as they accentuate feminine beauty and, at the same time look sensuous. You can choose to combine a number of patterns to make a design for the lower back. You can make use of Celtic designs, flowers, Celtic butterflies, and tribal patterns. These were some of the conventional designs, but you can definitely come up with some whacky designs as well.
  • Tribal Designs:
    Tribal art motifs double up as popular tattoo designs. Of all the tribal body art, tiger is the most famous as it stands for power, beauty, grace, speed, and demeanor. Butterfly design is also a favorite among women. Tribal dragons are used to symbolize various things. In the olden days, dragon tattoos were used by the kings to protect their wealth. Dragons also represent the four elements; air, water, fire, and earth. Roman and Greek warriors used it as a symbol of terror.
  • Koi Fish Designs:
    This is a design very widely used in the Japanese and Chinese cultures. Both men and women can get a koi fish tattoo made, as it stands for good fortune, strength in adversity, ambition, aspiration, and determination. These tattoos are often made on the back and shoulders and are usually made with some colorful background.
  • Shooting Star Designs:
    Sailors often got a star tattooed on themselves to honor the Northern Star. It is supposed to guide and take them home safely. This star is also known as the nautical star. If you like celestial bodies, you can get a single star, cluster of stars, stars along with flames, or comets and stars.
  • Zodiac Signs:
    Each of the twelve zodiac signs has a symbol which represents each one of them. Each sign has a combination of stars and pictures, so you can choose to ink yourself either with stars or with pictures. For example, Aquarius is presented by a water bearer, Capricorn by a goat, etc. Accordingly, you can choose the picture of your zodiac sign and get a tattoo made. Astronomical symbols also can be used as body art. You can even choose to have colors for your zodiac. The color which is predominant for that zodiac sign can be used.
  • Armband Designs
    To get yourself an armband tattoo, you can make use of tribal or Celtic designs. If you are a fan of tribal designs, you can also think of getting a Hawaii armband tattoo. These represent the Hawaiian culture and are a rage nowadays.
  • Flower Designs:
    Flower designs for tattoos can be seen as a connection to nature. Flowers represent fertility, procreation, and the unending cycle of life. Some of the flowers which are used for tattoos are rose, hibiscus, lily, daisy, lotus, sunflower, and daffodils.

Now you have a wide spectrum of choices from which to select a tattoo design for yourself. Are you still there or have you started designing your own tattoo already?

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