Tips to Make Indoor Greenhouses With Easily Available Kits


An indoor greenhouse should be considered by people who have to face cold-weather and space related limitations/restrictions. These are easy to set up and maintain, the only condition being that places with availability of adequate sunlight need to be chosen. Perennial crops can grow well in this setup during winters.

How to Create an Indoor Greenhouse

The items required for building an indoor greenhouse can be purchased at nearby hardware stores. Materials required for setting up such a structure include the following: plastic utility shelves, fluorescent light tubes, shop lights, power strip, and light timer. These are used to provide enough light to the plants of greenhouse. Lighting is an important aspect of setting up an outdoor greenhouse.

  • The plastic shelves used for indoor greenhouses need to be arranged so that the plants receive enough light from the source.
  • The power strip should be attached to middle shelf by means of twist ties. The advantage of placing the power strip at the middle is that it becomes easy to connect cords which arise out of every shop light.
  • The light timer should then be plugged into the electrical outlet. Settings about the time duration for which lights are kept on during the entire period of 24 hours can be determined and implemented with a timer.
  • Shop lights have to be assembled with the help of hooks and hanging chains. These lights need to be suspended below the shelf so as to provide light to the other shelf which is present underneath. To illuminate the uppermost shelf, lights have to be suspended from the ceiling.
  • Lights need to be connected with power strip. The power strip should be turned on after connecting it with a timer.

Portable Greenhouses

Nowadays, there are many portable greenhouse kits available in the market. These mini indoor greenhouse kits help in creating a setting for plants to grow with ease in different seasons. The materials which come with these kits include panels of polycarbonate, carrying bags, greenhouse heaters, ground stakes, water hoses, and portholes meant for connecting electric cords. These greenhouses help plants survive harsh weather conditions and protect them from ultraviolet rays. Maintaining the desired levels of humidity and temperature is possible with these portable greenhouses. Proper ventilation can be provided, and one can also protect the plants from pests.

The greenhouse structure can be made as elaborate or simple as possible. It actually depends on how sophisticated and user-friendly you want your greenhouse to be. Portable structures are suitable for those who want to pursue the practice of indoor gardening as a hobby. For others, it is advisable to use permanent structures. Wood and metal is generally used for the purpose of making frames for greenhouses. Poly films and plastic is used in covering these frames. If one is looking to have a permanent structure, then the use of cement foundation should be considered. The other features which can be included in permanent structures are the auto-venting system (for temperature regulation) and integrated windows and doors.

The information in the article above should help in setting up a suitable structure for a small-scale operation. Temperate countries, unlike the tropical ones, are not gifted by nature in order to continue gardening/farming the entire year. It becomes necessary for gardening enthusiasts from cold countries to resort to means like greenhouses for the purpose of indoor gardening.

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