Unleash Your Quilting Creativity with the Pirouette Quilt Collection


Pirouette quilts are a type of quilt pattern characterized by their unique design, often featuring swirling or spinning motifs reminiscent of the graceful movements of a pirouette in ballet.

These quilts can be created using various techniques such as traditional piecing, paper piecing, or English paper piecing (EPP). The patterns typically involve repeating shapes or blocks that create a sense of movement and flow across the quilt top. Finding pirouette quilt patterns for this roundup was quite difficult but we hope to add new patterns to this list as they become available. If you know of a pattern we have missed be sure to mention it in the comments below.

These pirouette quilts come in various sizes, from mini quilts to larger bed-sized quilts, allowing for versatility in their use and application. Pirouette quilt patterns may be available for free or for purchase from various designers and quilt shops.

The design elements and color choices in Pirouette quilts can vary widely, allowing quilters to express their creativity and preferences. Some may opt for bold and vibrant colors, while others may prefer softer and more subtle hues. Additionally, the level of difficulty in creating Pirouette quilts can range from beginner-friendly to more advanced, depending on the complexity of the design and the chosen quilting technique.

Pirouette quilts offer a delightful combination of artistry, movement, and creativity, making them a popular choice among quilters looking to add a touch of elegance and whimsy to their quilting projects.  Have you made a quilt from this roundup? please pop back and share an image below in the comments to share.

Pirouette Pattern

Pirouette Quilt Pattern Tutorial 🙂

Pirouette – Free Quilt Pattern




Pirouette quilts are inspired by the La Passacaglia quilt design from the book “Millefiori Quilts” by Willyne Hammerstein.



These quilts involve English paper piecing and feature intricate shapes and patterns, often forming a kaleidoscopic effect.
Pirouette quilts may incorporate a variety of shapes, such as diamonds, hexagons, and stars, arranged in a harmonious, dance-like composition.
They require precision and attention to detail due to the complexity of the piecing technique and the intricate patterns involved.


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