Wood Carving Tools


Woodcarving is one of the most exciting hobbies that nearly any person, with the right wood carving tools, can become a part of. Woodcarving is not only fun, but it rewards the craftsman with a sense of accomplishment and entitlement that few other talents can instill. Many respectable people have fallen in love with the craft of woodcarving, including such historical mainstays as Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln. Woodcarving is an art nearly as old as time itself, and there is much wisdom to be learned from woodcarving, in matters both wood-related and otherwise.

One of the most important wood carving tools in the world of woodcarving would have to be a basic set of blades specifically made for woodcarving. These can be found online and at some of the more popular hardware stores and warehouse chains. These sets can range anywhere between one hundred dollars to nearly a thousand in some cases, but they are well worth it. These basic wood carving tools will be an indispensable asset when learning the craft. Most of these kits come with small blades of varying sizes and angles. These are used for more precise shaping when woodcarving.

There are three main categories when it comes to wood carving tools. There are palm tools, which are designed to fit nicely into the palm with small, sphere-like handles. These are useful for making rounded edges and smoothing out corners. Another group goes by the name of “mallet tools”. These may seem similar to palm tools but are in fact more useful in certain cases. The handles on these tools are longer and the tools are mainly used to shave the sides of the wood that you are working on. These are useful for more precise work. The third main category is carving knives. These can range from whittling tools to more extreme varieties, and these will be used for more of your heavy duty carving.

There are, of course, more expensive and advanced wood carving tools available. These include lathes and certain circular saws, and many of these products cost upwards of five hundred dollars and some even cost thousands of dollars. Clearly, these machines are meant for the more woodcarving techniques, but anybody who feels that they have graduated from the basic wood carving techniques may feel obliged to further their education on these devices. At any rate, it is almost a guarantee that, once you’ve dipped your toe into the lake of woodcarving, you’ll be doing a cannonball in no time.

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