6 Quilting Patterns For Beginners

I am so excited to share these quilt tutorials with you. We are always being asked to share patterns for beginners or those who just want a mindless easy project to pass away the days. These quilts are all suitable for beginners and all of the tutorials and patterns below provide you with the quilting pattern as well as the step by step instructions.  We have tried to include an assortment of styles to suit everyone’s styles. If you have a pattern you think should be on this list then drop us a comment below and we will share your quilting tutorial with our readers.

Baby Quilt with black crosses 

Bright and cheerful this quilting design looks more complicated than it is. Perfect for baby.

This is a classic simple triangle design quilt pattern that is easy to make and fast to put together.

Disappearing patch quilts aren’t as sharp or uniform so if that is the look of quilt you are seeking than this quilting pattern is for you.

Penny Patch quilt along just for Beginners. You can see the full quilting pattern here.

This lattice Quilt is a great solid quilting design.


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