Flat pack furniture hack. 

        very simple hack to dress up flat pack furniture, or quickly           upcycle  existing furniture.

For this simple hack, you only need some colorful stickers, which you can find cheaply from pound stores.
You can also use adhesive film. (Use at least Four different colors. ) These can be picked up cheaply from pound stores.
You can use a can of baked beans or a circle lid from a tub or tube and draw around the lid on the adhesive film.
Cut these out with scissors.
Draw straight lines on the furniture first, if you would like your shapes geometric. if you want a random pattern, go ahead, get creative, and go all out with your designs!!
Then you just stick your shapes to either a simple flat-pack piece of furniture or you can find a cheap second
hand piece of furniture to use.
Should you use second-hand furniture:
Firstly, sand it down, then paint a coat of “one coat chalk paint.”,
Could you leave it to dry?
Then, just peel the adhesive film off of each shape you have made.
Stick to the furniture in whatever pattern you like.
Voilà…. you now have a completely updated, fun, and colorful piece of furniture!
You could add a coat or two of varnish to strengthen the design of the furniture. However,
there is no need to, as leaving the furniture as it is gives you the flexibility to take off
the stickers and switch it up with an altogether different design later when you grow tired of it, or
indeed, you change your color scheme.