6 Rotary Cutters for Quilters

Rotary cutters…every quilter needs one right?  I know I could not make my quilts without one.  When I first started quilting there were hardly any variations in the cutters.  Now there are loads of different styles.  Here are six different ones you might like.  Just make sure you follow their instructions.  Rotary cutters can be pretty dangerous.  These can all be purchased over on Amazon.

  1. With a nice safety lock and an ergonomic handle, this Olfa model is a nice one.
  2. Available in pretty colors, this Olfa model is more like the original ones.
  3. Fiskars has a newer SoftGrip model with a safety feature and ergonomic features.
  4. Olfa also makes a very small rotary cutter for those small pieces you may need to cut.
  5. This Olfa deluxe rotary cutter is a larger size.
  6. Fiskars makes a contoured handle cutter.

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