AccuQuilt Christmas Embroidery Designs

If you are an AccuQuilter and are looking for some fun and festive Christmas embroidery designs then look no further than this list.  Here’s a round up of all of the adorable holiday designs that AccuQuilt has to offer.

Your quilts and other embroidered projects will be the star of your Christmas décor when you use one of these patterns.  They are all designed to be used with the AccuQuilt Go! and can be purchased via the links.

  1. This silly reindeer is taking the easy route by driving around in his car.  I’m not sure if Santa will like that or not!
  2. All aboard the Christmas train!  You’ll find a Christmas tree and lots of presents on this festive train.
  3. Doesn’t everyone put a Santa hat on their dog at Christmas?  At least this adorable dog holding a bell in his mouth won’t ever shake off his hat like mine does.
  4. We can’t forget the cats during the holidays.  With his Santa hat and festive scarf, this pretty kitty is looks pretty happy with himself.  I have a hunch he may be ready to get into a little mischief.
  5. I wonder what is in this Sunbonnet Sue’s present?  I hope it’s something good.  She looks lovely with her poinsettia adorned bonnet.
  6. It looks like this Overall Sam is decorating the Christmas tree with some pretty ornaments.

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