Big Stitch Hand Quilting Tutorial

Have you ever wanted to try out big stitch hand quilting?  Not everyone is familiar with it, but it’s basically a different hand quilting method.  Larger stitches are used, not only to hand quilt a piece, but to add an additional design element to it as well.

It used to be (and still is for many people) that hand quilters would try their very best to get the smallest and most even hand quilting stitches they could.  However more and more people are doing big stitch quilting.  Usually it is done with perle cotton and in colors to compliment the design.  It can be really striking and it can add another dimension to a piece.

This hand quilting method is definitely different than traditional hand quilting, so you will want to go over the process before you give it a try. From picking out the thread needed, to the actual stitching, this free tutorial from Rebecca Mae Designs will guide you through the entire process.  Her beautiful step-by-step photos will help to get you started on this lovely hand quilting method.

You can see in the photo here just how much big stitching adds to a quilt.  If you are looking for a new technique to try, big stitch quilting might interest you.

Click here to get the free tutorial: How To Do Big Stitch Hand Quilting

[photo from Rebecca Mae Designs]

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