Book Review – Quilt Blocks for Beginners

Today, I’m thrilled to share my thoughts on a book that has completely revolutionized my quilting journey: “Quilt Blocks for Beginners” by Nancy Wick.

From the moment I cracked open the pages of this delightful book, I knew I was in for an exciting adventure into the world of quilt blocks. Adapted from the best-selling “The Quilt Block Book,” this beginner-friendly guide promises to equip even the most novice quilter with the skills and confidence to create stunning quilt blocks.

What sets “Quilt Blocks for Beginners” apart is its comprehensive approach to teaching. Not only does it offer guidance on three fundamental block-construction methods – quick piecing, foundation (paper) piecing – but it also provides step-by-step instructions for each block. No more guesswork or frustration; just clear, concise directions that anyone can follow.

One of the most exciting aspects of this book is its emphasis on versatility. The blocks featured within its pages can be used to create everything from quilts to décor pieces to fashion accents. The possibilities truly are endless, and I found myself brimming with ideas after just a few chapters.

 “Quilt Blocks for Beginners” fosters a deep love and appreciation for the art of quilting. With its fundamental techniques, easy-to-follow instructions, and printable templates, it’s never been easier to dive headfirst into this timeless craft. Whether you’re a seasoned quilter or a complete newbie like myself, this book is sure to inspire and delight.

“Quilt Blocks for Beginners” is a must-have addition to any quilter’s library. With its wealth of knowledge, practical advice, and infectious enthusiasm, it’s a book that will stay by my side for years to come. So grab your fabric, dust off your sewing machine, and let’s embark on this quilting adventure together!

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