Book Review – Up-cycled Memory Quilts

Memory quilts that use upcycled fabric from loved ones have become very popular amongst quilters and non-quilters too. Using the shirts of a deceased loved one is a sentimental way to preserve their memory for generations to pass on to one another. This book isn’t aimed at memory quilts or keepsake quilts but instead shows you how to use upcycled fabric in general to create your sewing quilt pojects.

You can purchase the book here.

Produced for Leisure Arts by The Creative Partners, Upcycle Quilts offers a collection of easy designs to make using repurposed materials. Ten projects by Linda Causee feature patchwork quilts and wall hangings using men’s plaid shirts, baby clothes, market bags, doilies, vintage handkerchiefs, beach towels, sweaters, novelty socks, flannel bottle bags, and embroidered church vestments. Basic quilting instructions are included for beginners and those who need to refresh their skills. Also, tips are provided for cutting the usable fabric from garments and working with different thicknesses and types of fabric.


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