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Sure, it’s simple to buy some generic cards or sticker labels from the post office. But if you want to knock the socks off the person on the receiving end of your gift, make it even more special by hand-drawing your own gift tags. If you’re not the best artist in the world, kick your doodles up a notch with some snazzy markers (like the colour-blending pens we’ve used below). Original, cute and super-easy to do! 

ChameleonPens craftproject frankie


– plain card A4 or A3 (depending on how many gifts you have to give!)
– hole puncher
– scissors/pinking shears
– raffia or twine
– Chameleon Fineliners
– Chameleon Pens
– Chameleon Color Tops

DIY Gift Tags Materials


1. Measure and cut the card down to pieces around 3 x 6”. Use scissors to round out the corners or pinking shears to create zig-zag edges. Pop a hole in the top with a hole-puncher.

2. Now you get to be as creative and experimental as your heart desires. Grab some scrap paper to test ways you can blend colours and create gradients to get your preferred effect. If you’re keen to use the Chameleon Fineliners, simply remove the cap of one pen and top it with the cap of a different colour. Hold the pen uprightto allow it to fuse with the new colour. Do some scribbles and presto: watch as the colours meld into one another. resize 1

3. For a fuller look, combine Chameleon Pens, which have a thicker nib, with the Chameleon Color Tops. You can even blend multiple colours together with one pen and multiple caps. 

DIY Gift Tags Step 3

4. As well as blending colours and creating gradients, the pens can be used to create new shades of colours. Layer on top of each other to get the desired shade.

DIY Gift Tags Step 4

5. Once you’re done practicing, go nuts with the gift tags! Native Australian flora is always a classic. If you’re after inspiration, go for a wander around the block. I managed to nab some gumnuts in Brunswick West, an unexpected treat. When you’re happy, thread the raffia through the hole, and tie your handmade tag around your gift.

ChameleonPens craftproject frankie

This DIY came together with the help of our friends at Chameleon. Pop over to their site to check out their awesome range of colour-blending pens and markers. 

To see more craftiness from Phebe Rendulic, head right here. 

frankie x chameleon

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