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Gone are the days of mindlessly tossing aside your keys as you enter the front door (or worse yet, losing them in the depths of your bag).  Take special care of your keys and display them proudly on your wall with this cute and simple DIY.

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– timber plank at least 1m long and 3.5 cm thick
– sandpaper
– slim leather strips
– an assortment of wooden beads
– paints and a paintbrush
– key rings
– 2 x keyhole brackets
– pencil
– Fiskars Precision Hand Drill w/4 Bits
– Fiskars Precision 6-in-1 Screwdriver
– Fiskars Metal Ruler – 18”
– Fiskars Hand Saw – 7”
– Fiskars Precision Level – 9”

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1. Measure your timber plank and mark out spots for your four key ring holders. Leave extra room on one side for your ‘vase’, too. Make sure to leave enough space between the largest beads – 6.5cm, measured from the centre of the bead, should be fine. 

diy key ring holder frankie 4

2. Use the hand saw to chop your timber down to the right length. Then saw in recesses that go at least halfway through on the lines you’ve marked so that the leather strips will fit.  Use sand paper to smooth out the entire piece.  Maybe put on a decent playlist as this may take a while.

diy key ring holder frankie 5

3. Measure and mark where you want the mini vase to go on the top.

diy key ring holder frankie 6

4. Use the hand drill with the largest drill bit to make a hole – or even three if you like!

diy key ring holder frankie 7

5. Get your paints out and jazz up your piece of timber and beads.

diy key ring holder frankie 8

6. Cut four strips of leather down to roughly 40cm each and string on the beads.  If you’re struggling to string them, tape down one end of the strip and use a large sewing needle to feed it through.  Once you’re happy, attach these to the key rings making sure you leave enough room between the beads and the keys so they fit on the timber plank.

diy key ring holder frankie 9

7. Once your paint is dry, turn over the timber and measure out where you want the keyhole brackets to go.  Match this to the space on the wall using the spirit level to ensure it’s straight.

diy key ring holder frankie 10

8. Drill small holes and use the screwdriver to attach the brackets.  Attach it to the wall, pop some cute dried flowers in it and give yourself a big pat on the back. You’ve just made your own key holder – woohoo!

diy key ring holder frankie 11

This DIY came together with the help of our friends at Fiskars. Check out their range of special tools for crafters over here, or pop into a Spotlight store near you.

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fiskars dinkus updated

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