frankie exclusive diy: make a scrunchie

The humble scrunchie is well and truly back, and the truth is, we’re pretty darn pleased about it. In fact, we don’t know why it ever left. This super simple hair accessory is stylish and practical (best combo ever), and holds your hair in place like no scrawny ol’ elastic ever could. Plus, whipping one up for yourself is a piece of cake. Here’s to that!



printed or coloured cotton of your choice
fabric scissors
sewing machine with sewing thread to match your fabric
sewing needle
1/2 metre elastic



1. Cut a rectangle of fabric for the scrunchie. For large scrunchies cut a 24 x 45cm rectangle. For smaller scrunchies cut a 16 x 45cm rectangle.


2. Fold the rectangle in half lengthways. With a 0.5cm seam allowance, stitch the folded rectangle into a tube.


3. Turn the tube right-side out. You may need to use a pencil or chopstick to help push all the fabric through.


4. Cut a piece of elastic approximately 27cm long (for small scrunchies) or 31cm long (for large scrunchies). Thread it through the tube and tie it in a tight knot. The fabric tube should naturally scrunch up around the elastic. Turn the raw edges of the tube under and hand-stitch all the way around the edge to close your scrunchie.


Wear your scrunchie with pride! Try stacking multipless in mixed patterns around a big top knot or along a ponytail. You could even make tiny ones using smaller fabric rectangles to wear at the tail end of a braid. The world is your scrunchie-filled oyster!


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