frankie exclusive diy: painted mirror

Need to inject a little cuteness into a corner of the room? This painted mirror is an easy-as bit of decor that’ll take you no longer than an afternoon to whip up.

Chinagraph pencil
Acrylic paint in your preferred palette
Brushes with soft bristles
Paint palette or plate
Jar of water to wash brushes

1. Start by wiping down the mirror surface to remove any dust or marks.

2. Trace out your design using a chinagraph pencil. (If you make a mistake, these pencils can easily be wiped off.) For more guidance, you can also print out and trace our peach and abstract templates.

3. Using a soft bristled brush, fill in the areas with acrylic paint, starting from lightest colours to dark. A second coat of paint might be necessary, particularly with the lighter colours. Some colours can be quite translucent, so adding a tiny drop of white paint can help make the colour more opaque.

4. Allow the paint to dry, then your mirrors are ready to hang.

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