How to Make a Perfect 4-Patch Quilt Block

One of the easier quilt blocks to make, the four patch is a staple in many quilt patterns.  This tutorial by April Rosenthal shows you how to make a perfect one.

With detailed step-by-step photos and instructions, the tutorial tells you everything you need to know.  I especially like the section on getting the blocks to lay flat by opening up your seams.  That is a great technique.  It is also one that I need to try more often.  I am notorious for skipping that step, but it really helps.

A four-patch can be used in so many design options.  Since it appears in so many quilt patterns it is a good one to learn.  This helpful tutorial will teach you.

You can find it here: How to Make a Perfect Four-Patch Quilt Block

[photo from April Rosenthal]

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